Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back in action...

I haven't posted on this for a long long time. I'll try and fix this up a bit and see if I can write some interesting stuff.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thing #10

Downloading eBooks is something I have never done before and I was curious to see how it works. After signing up and downloading, I think it's great! It's a great idea in checking a book or audiobook out for three weeks and then it automatically deletes itself. The only drawback on this fairly new technology, is that for us "old fashioned" people, we want to hold a book and smell the paper! (maybe that's only me) But overall it saves you a trip out of your house on a cold and snowy day. So I like it and intend on using it whenever I can.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thing #9

Google Doc's is something I did NOT know about. Having explored this a little bit, I think it is great! You can export your papers into word or excel projects and it has all the basics that you need. It's not as advanced as Microsoft Office but it can be VERY helpful when you can't access Word or if you want to save something without using a disk. This is something I will defiantely use more often.


Thing #8

Wiki's are pretty cool. I was a semi regular user of wikipedia, until someone told me that it is free for everyone to add information to it. Now as much as I trust people, I don't think it can be 100% acurate on many things. For example, some people may be biased on a certain subject and proceed to write about it in a biased manor. However, I also like it because you also can get true information that you wouldn't necessarily get anywhere else. For example, people personally attached to a particular subject can give insightful knowledge on let's say a famous person. It is indeed "radical trust" and I really don't know where it will go in the years to come. It can definately be helpful for librarians as they share new and upcoming information among each other.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thing #7

Podcasting is something I have known about for years but never really tried. (Like bookmarking) I just recently started to explore this too. Since I am a technology freak, I subscribed to Twit (This Week In Tech) and I subscribed to the "Best Damn Podcast Ever". Both of these deal with technology and found them not only informative, but entertaining and fun as well! Also,Podcasting can be a useful tool at the library but I believe since it is fairly unheard of, it would cater to more of a younger audience. I believe that some of our older patrons would benefit from podcasting by staying up to date with the latest books news or keep up with the news inside the library by maybe having a streaming feed coming directly to a computer with headphones and have it all set up for them. It's a great way to learn as well as have fun while you relax at a library.
So finally, since as I said before, being a big technology fan I have experience with podcasting on my iPod. I get my podcasts through iTunes and just recently started to get more into them.

Very good tool and I plan on using it more often!
Thanks for this one!

Thing #6

Social Bookmarking is something I NEVER do. I never really saw the need to use it since I would only visit a handful of sites. I was also weiry of bookmarking things because I didn't want to have like a million websites on my browser. So I never bothered to explore it. This gave me an opportunity to see what it's all about. I think it was a great way to organize your websites without having to clutter your browser with sites. Again, I am a big fan of organizing my things so I really enjoyed this.

Thing #5

Flickr was pretty fun. You can see my silly picture a few blogs below or you can see it on my headline.

Useful for people who have family who live far away and want to visually keep in touch through digital pictures without having to having to visit sporadically. I personally don't use it that often but I am excited to dig in a little more and explore all it has to offer.